Art As A Weapon

Documentary and journalism showreel highlighting commissioned and personal projects from 2008 to 2014 in Burma/Myanmar, China, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Thailand, and the US.

Music: "Curiosity" by Kevin Graham

Art As A Weapon

2nd Unit Director, 2013-2014

Mae Sot, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar

Art Is A Weapon is a feature-length documentary following graffiti writers and punks from Myanmar/Burma. Weaving together art, buddhism, and political dissent, their expressions of protest reach beyond borders to connect with artists and dissidents farther afield, both inspiring and drawing inspiration from JR and the Inside Out Project and the street murals of Shepard Fairy.

Winner for Best Documentary at 2014 Art-House LA Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA Winner for Best Documentary at 2014 Oceanside Film Festival, Oceanside, CA Winner for Best Documentary at 2014 Unspoken Human Rights Film Festival, Utica, NY